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Diet information


Puppies should be fed four meals a day. If you decide to use a different brand of food from the ones recommended below, please introduce it slowly as a young puppies stomach can be upset very easily.

Please do not change the puppies’ food too often as this will lead to them becoming fussy eaters.

Puppies should be fed at around 7am, 12pm, 5pm & 9pm. On each occasion an average portion would be a large mug full of dried puppy food (but some puppies differ and may need more – this you can judge for yourself), mixed with raw tripe, butchers tinned tripe, minced meat or chicken to give taste and flavour.

Feel free to adjust times accordingly to suit yourself – if your puppy lives in the house and has no access to the garden after dark, you may want to feed them earlier than 9pm as you will have to wait for the puppy to go to the toilet before going to bed.

If you cannot bring yourself to feed tripe, you can use pilchards, sardines etc in tomato sauce or oil as an addition to the dried food to add interest and also this contains excellent nutrition in the fish and the oil that helps with joints etc.

It is also useful to add natural yoghurt to your puppies’ food as this is very tasty to them and adds good bacteria to the dog’s stomach to help them combat virus & infections.

We also recommend from 8 weeks of age, feeding RAW chicken wings - these give the puppies something nutritious to chew on to help cut their teeth, they have useful calcium from the bone, protein from the chicken and fat from the skin which a puppy needs to support healthy growth and bone development.

Your aim is to have a well formed but by no means fat puppy. As a guide, stools (poo) should be firmish and well formed. If they are soft and watery it is possible that you are feeding too much, and the quantity you feed will need reducing slightly.

We also recommend adding a single Vitamin C (1gm) tablet per day to your dog’s diet.


Lamb tripe (does not smell as bad as ox tripe but is harder to find in pet shops), Scrambled egg, table scraps, marrowbone (butchers ones are better than cooked ones obtainable from pet shops), pasta, wholemeal rice, wholemeal bread and left over cooked meats.

Remember – cooked bones are dangerous to dogs!

Any vegetables are very good for your puppy and can be fed as often as you want.

The foods we personally use that our puppies are developed on are:-


Burgess Supadog Puppy

Royal Canin Giant Puppy

Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy



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